Pump rentals

It is our goal to provide moms in our community with everything they could possibly need to be successful on their feeding journey. Depending on your situation, you may find that a hospital-grade pump is much more effective for you. Because of this, we have many hospital-grade pumps available for rent.

White shirt mother use breast milk pump to get breast milk and sitting near the sleeping newborn
Newborn baby boy sucking milk from mothers breast. Portrait of mom and breastfeeding baby.
mother use breast pump to get breast milk and sitting near the sleeping newborn

Reasons to rent a hospital grade pump

What You Need to Know


$75 per month  – we are currently working with insurance companies to get this covered. We can submit for coverage but can’t guarantee that your insurance will pay for the pump. If they do, we will reimburse you your pump rental amount.


We require a $200 deposit before the rental is completed. When you bring your pump back in the same condition as it was leased to you in, you will be refunded the $200.


The hospital grade pump requires you to have a kit. This is just the flanges, tubing, and bottles you will need to operate the pump. Some women used a hospital grade pump during their hospital stay and already have this kit. In the event you already have one, you certainly do not need to purchase one. If you do not have a kit, we have donated, free (used) kits available. If you choose this option, you will need to sign a release of liability. If you would like to buy a new kit, we have those for purchase. Our unopened hospital-grade pump kits cost $55. The kit is yours to keep after purchase.

Take the first step toward a more comfortable and efficient pumping experience!