Breastfeeding Classes

Arkansas Lactation offers group breastfeeding classes. Scroll down to learn which type of class would fit your needs best, content covered in each class, cost, and what you should bring.

Prenatal, Group Classes

This class is a wonderful way to meet other families in the same season. Feel free to bring along your support person and all of your questions. We will hit all of the main things you’ll want to know to be prepared to meet your new little babe! You’ll also have time to ask questions and learn from other people in the group when they ask questions. This class is $50 and can be paid using your HSA.

group breastfeeding classes

What We Cover

What to Bring

Prenatal Nutrition

This class is taught by IBCLC and Registered Dietitian, Hannah Neago. We know that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and fueling yourself so you can fuel your baby is a priority! Hannah has designed this class to focus on providing support for healthy habits and assistance during pregnancy, and will cover topics such as:

  • Any medical issues such as gestational diabetes, reflux, hyperemesis, high blood pressure etc.
  • Freezer meals to prep for baby’s arrival
  • Snacks to have on hand, pre prepped for those early breastfeeding days
  • How to prepare to eat postpartum to replace minerals and blood loss
  • Education on how diet impacts lactation
  • Good foods to have on hand to support adequate milk supply
  • Meal ideas for your support person to have handy in the newborn stage
This class is $50 and can be paid using your HSA.
Hannah Neago

Hanna Neago, RD, IBCLC

Introduction To Solid Foods

This class is taught by IBCLC and Pediatric Registered Dietitian, Mallori Roberts. She has designed this class to discuss practical approaches to introduce solid foods to your baby. She will cover signs of readiness, feeding schedules, optional first foods, introducing allergens, foods to avoid, transitioning to straws/cups and more. This class is $50 and can be paid using your HSA.

Malori Roberts - Registered Dietitian, IBCLC

Mallori Roberts, RD, IBCLC

Newborn Care: Nurturing Baby's Development

This class is perfect for expecting parents and caregivers seeking insights and hands-on guidance into practical aspects of newborn care, including baby wearing, diaper changing, the first bath, swaddling, sleep, purposeful play, and more. Delve into these activities from the perspective of a lactation-informed infant physical therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in all things infant motor development with a focus on supporting your feeding goals! This class is $50 and can be paid using your HSA.


Dr. Claire Stone, PT, DPT