Individual nutrition visits are available for women with pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrition concerns or guidance. These visits with a Registered Dietitian include assessing patients with general issues or specific diagnoses, such as PCOS, gestational diabetes, or gestational hypertension. Since maternal nutrition is intricately connected to the baby’s nutrition in pregnancy and breastfeeding, these visits help establish healthy habits to support both the mother’s and the baby’s needs.

In-Home Visits

First Time Visit In-Home

Free of charge with approved insurance  *$150 self-pay, 60 minutes


  • Review of nutrition and medical history, medications, and laboratory values
  • Education on eating for specific nutrition-related conditions, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, or hyperemesis gravidarum
  • Assistance during pregnancy and postpartum, such as calorie levels for exercise or breastfeeding, eating with morning sickness, weight concerns, eating to assist with milk supply and composition, etc. 
  • Advice on the relationship of nutrition with lactation, healing, mood, and energy levels
  • Goal-setting and planning to address potential issues
  • Emailed summary of visit and weekly email support between follow-up visits
  • Report to patient’s doctor or healthcare provided, if needed

Follow-Up Visits In-Home

Free of charge with approved insurance *$50-$100, 30-60 minutes (these visits vary based on patients needs)

Follow-up visits include:

  • Review of goals and monitoring of progress
  • Discussion of any additional concerns that occur between visits
  • Support and counseling, review of all questions


Video Consultations

Free of charge with approved insurance, initial $150 self-pay 60 min, $50-100 follow-up self-pay 30-60 min.

HIPPA-compliant, secure video consultations are offered for distance clients, sick clients, or those that prefer it.

These video consultations will cover all the same information as covered in the face-to-face consultations.

Additional Services

Phone Visits

$25 | Up to 30 minutes

While phone visits are not ideal, we realize that sometimes neither are the circumstances we find ourselves in. Maybe it’s past business hours or early in the morning and you’re in pain. Or, maybe you just need some reassurance (we all do!).

Generally, we can tackle some of the basics over the phone.


The Donation Closet exists to support moms and babies all over Northwest Arkansas. This closet contains new and gently used items that are sanitized and ready to bless another local family. Need items? Call/text Chloe Raben at 479-387-7662 to schedule a pickup!


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