Aetna, BCBS, and CIGNA cover lactation visits fully. UMR, United Healthcare covers partially. There is no co-pay associated with visits when insurance covers. The only out of pocket fee you will have is a travel fee, which we charge for all patients (requesting a home visit) within NWA on their first visit. This fee is $30. Subsequent home visits do not have a travel fee attached. Patients with United can expect to cover half of their visit cost out of pocket (as United will cover the other half). 

You have the option to self pay. We provide you with a receipt of services called a super bill  that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you would like. Most of the time they will reimburse partially. Visit our Services page to learn more about fees. We also have the option to meet with our certified lactation counselor for $50. You can find support at one of our free support groups each week, held in Fayetteville and Bentonville. 

You have 3 options. We can come to you in your home, you can come to our clinic located in Fayetteville or we can do a virtual visit. If insurance agrees to cover, the location of the visit does not matter.

If you choose to be seen in the clinic setting, there is no travel fee associated. If you would like an in home visit, there is a $30 travel fee attached to your first visit only. If you have subsequent visit(s) there is not a travel fee associated. *If you live a significant distance outside of the consultants origin, a fair travel price will be discussed before the booking.

 Yes! Bring your baby(ies) unless you are planning to exclusively pump. We have a breastfeeding pillow you can use. Bring your pump if you would like us to fit you for your flange size or teach you how to use it. Our clinic stays stocked with the essentials, so if you forget something, we have you covered!

Generally, it’s best if you can have your baby interested in feeding at the time of our visit. If your baby gets hungry, feed 5 minutes at the breast or 1 oz by bottle an hour before your visit. Make sure you fill out the questionnaire that is sent to your email prior to your visit. This ensures that we have all the necessary information to serve you well. Be sure that you upload your insurance cards into your profile so that we can submit visits on your behalf, giving you the best chance for owing nothing out of pocket. If you have been using a nipple shield, bring it. If you would like us to size your pump flanges to fit you, bring your pump and accessories. We provide a breastfeeding pillow to use and extra disposable diapers/wipes should you need them. Otherwise, nothing!

Yes, just specify your preferred consultant on the online interest form and we will accommodate if she is available. 

  We work with a wide range of feeding difficulties and all of our consultants are trained in depth to assess your baby and implement a specific feeding strategy to meet your goals.

We are here to help you reach your feeding goals. Formula, breast, exclusively pumping, donor milk, whatever the case may be!
 We frequently work with mothers with a very wide range of approaches.

You have the freedom to request a fully vaccinated IBCLC. All of our consultants regardless of vaccine status wear gloves and a mask at all visits. Each consultant will practice hand hygiene, in home and in clinic, before evaluating your baby.

Before we meet, we will have you fill out a few forms that will help us maximize our time with you. We know it can be intimidating having someone come to your house, but relax, don’t clean your house for us (we promise we don’t care) and don’t dramatically change anything before we come. We want to see you in your comfortable space, even if that means you’re used to feeding in an unusual space. 

Start making a list of all the things you may want to ask about before we come. But also remember if you forget something, you have two weeks to call/email after a visit.

It’s ok for your partner/friend/kids to be home during a visit. Remember, your comfort is most important to us. Please plan to put your dogs away, if possible.

First and foremost, we will not be rushed. We know that babies are not on our schedule. We can do our very best to schedule a visit during a normal feeding, knowing that our plans might get tweaked a little. That’s okay! You can expect us to wash our hands, spend some time talking with you about your history, how your birth went, and how the initial and current breastfeeding has been going. Then we will have you show us exactly how you normally do things, and we will go from there. We will do an oral assessment, assessment of your breast tissue and the babies latch. You can expect to have all of your questions answered.

We will provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, if your visit is not already covered at %100. We will also provide you with a care plan to begin working within 24 hours of our visit. Remember, just as learning any new skill takes time, so does breastfeeding. There is no immediate cure to all breast feeding issues. Often, nursing issues can be complex and take multiple steps to see progress. This is normal (and frustrating), but we will support you and encourage you all the way through it! Utilize your calling/emailing for 2 weeks after the visit. You will never be a bother. We appreciate your honesty throughout the process, as we can’t help you if you don’t express what you need help with. If you feel like something isn’t working for you- tell us! And vice versa, if you feel like you’re making great progress, we love hearing that too. It’s our joy to celebrate with you.

  • 90 min in home visit $200
  • 60 min clinic visit $200
  • 60 min virtual consultant $150

We also offer consultations for moms with medicaid or without insurance coverage at a rate of $50. These consultations are offered by our certified lactation counselor. CLCs are professionals in lactation counseling who have demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding, who have questions, or problems during the course of lactation. IBCLC’s have more advanced training and are used in complex breastfeeding cases.

Yes! We offer a FREE support group every Thursday at 10AM, open to all moms. Our support group is held at First United Methodist Church ( 201 NW 2nd Street). We also have an Instagram page filled with educational resources and a blog page covering hot topics.